🎧 New mini Podcast: Confessions of a Profitable Digital Product Seller

Get an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into how I’ve built Paper + Spark – a multiple six-figure digital product business – over the past decade.

In this subscriber-only podcast, I’m sharing the biggest mistakes I’ve made when running my digital product shop – especially in the first few years. Gain valuable insights and real-world “lessons learned” that you can apply to your own digital product empire.

Download to your podcast player of choice, or listen directly in your browser window. I’m making it super easy to learn on the go.

Sales processed via Stripe since 2016 (Stripe is responsible for about half my sales!)

Interested in scaling your own digital product biz?

Learn from my mistakes! In just less than 60 minutes of content, I’m covering the top 5 lessons learned to grow a multi-six figure digital product business. Here’s a sneak peek of what each episode covers:

🚫 Pricing 

🚫 Creating products reactively, instead of proactively

🚫 Not thinking through product deliverability + customer support

🚫 Mistakes with my website

🚫 Content marketing plan

Maybe these are a bit vague…ya gotta subscribe for the gritty details!

If you’re working on building your own digital product empire, or even if you’re just nosey about how other people run their business (I know I am!) then you will enjoy this.


janet leblanc of paper + spark

Who am I?

Hey there, I’m Janet & I’ve been in the business of selling digital products for a decade now, which is like granny time in the internet age. So I feel pretty qualified to give you a peek behind the scenes of what’s involved in building a successful + profitable digital product business.

After 10+ years selling over $2.5 million in digital products (not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars investing in my own education, mentorship, tools, and systems) I am ready to teach what I know when it comes to entrepreneurship + digital products!

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