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On my old stomping grounds (aka my original blog space, Lazy Owl Boutique), I posted lots of business-y (aka dry) posts about business-y things. However, one of my most popular posts was my “nursery tour” of Hazel’s room. I figured I’d spruce up that post (including new photos now that I can sort of use my nice DSLR) for my lovely readers here at P+S.

I originally wrote this post when Hazel was 8 months old, and she’s now exactly twice that age. It’s slightly humorous to look back on my preggo days and how frantic I was about getting her room ready. I really wanted everything to look perfect and fit the color scheme and yada yada. I had the diaper station ready to go, the sheets washed…everything in its place.

Little did I realize that Hazel wouldn’t be sleeping, or barely even hanging out, in this room until she was 6-months old. But oh well. You have to keep the crazy pregnant lady busy doing something, right?

I didn’t really like the idea of having a set theme for a nursery, so I decided to go with a cohesive color scheme instead – mint and pink, with touches of gold. I didn’t want anything too blatantly girly, so that’s why we (or I, not like my husband cared about nursery colors) chose mint. Pink gives it a feminine touch, and gold makes it feel regal and elegant. I’m really into gold and faux gold everything right now.


We’ve got a nice sturdy bookshelf with baskets full of toys. The white bookshelf, the pink & tan foldable baskets, and the tan laundry basket (similar here) are all from Pottery Barn Kids. I’ve enjoyed adding more books to this little shelf as she’s grown up, and I anticipate we’ll have all the shelves full of them in a few years 🙂


We hung some simple white floating shelves from Target above the bookshelf. I had some little 4×4 inch canvases hanging around and painted them in different shades of pink for an “ombre” effect, then glued some cute little doilies to them. The white wooden rocking horse was made long ago by my grandfather, who passed away when I was a child. My husband had the great idea to let Hazel paint it when she’s a little older, so for now it chills there.

I re-covered an ikea lampshade in some matching cute fabric, and most of the other objects I found thrifting (like the awesome vintage globe!). I purposely went out and tried to find some nice gold-colored vintage pieces to add some character to the space.

golden princess mirror

I got this lovely little golden mirror from the Etsy shop Secret Window Mirrors.

pottery barn crib

Her white crib is from PBK’s Larkin collection. I absolutely adore her owl & hot air balloon mobile from Drops of Color, also found on Etsy. This photo of her crib is from long ago before she was even sleeping in it, hence the extremely high mattress level. My mom made the crib skirt using coordinating fabric with the wall art and lamp shade (from the bookshelf).


Here’s a close up of the collage/art wall above her crib. I searched for items that would match the color scheme and be appropriate for baby girl and our family. I am absolutely Disney-obsessed, so I knew I had to have some sort of Disney shout-out included somewhere in the room – hence the lovely photograph of the sun over Cinderella’s Castle.

I made the yarn-wrapped “H” initial myself using one of those wooden letters from Hobby Lobby, and then I added some cute little flowers made of burlap ribbon, lace, and vintage buttons. So fun! I also covered two corkboards from Ikea with coordinating fabric, and the rest of the artwork I ordered from Etsy.

Carnival swings photo – SSC Photography
Life is Beautiful print & Do You Suppose She’s a Wildflower print – The Wheatfield (all time fave shop!)
Typewritter photo – CarolineMint
Cinderella’s castle photo – PhotoReverie

The frames are a mix of Pottery Barn white gallery and gilt frames and unfinished and gilt frames from American Frame.

I’ve since had to take down the mobile (for now) because it turns out mobiles keep babies awake, instead of sleeping peacefully! Haha. Finally, you may notice our monitor camera rounding out this collection. It doesn’t quite fit in, maybe I can spray paint it gold?

gold blackout curtains

Here you can see the gold curtains that I searched forever to find (we settled on gold blackout shades from Overstock.com), and our Larkin PBK diaper changing station and dresser. I love this dresser because it fits all of Hazel’s clothes without taking up the entire room. We only had a rather small space to work with and the Larkin dresser was the perfect size, plus you can remove the changing station on top when your child is (finally) potty-trained!

This corner also houses our tan Lazy Boy recliner, which I love. Nursing took so long the first few months that we kept it downstairs in the living room…so I could watch TV while nursing of course. Now we mainly use it for reading bedtime stories and giving goodnight kisses. I’m so glad we got an actually recliner instead of a dedicated rocker or glider. I think this chair is much more comfy and useable (you can actually fall asleep in it!).


Here’s Hazel’s bathroom. It used to be painted beige, but I convinced my husband to paint it white just before she was born. Which I think was sort of a mistake, since all the cabinets and counter tops in here are cream. So now it’s sort of like mismatched white/cream overload. But oh well…we’ve made it work.

I found the awesome pink & mint frames from Homegoods (love that store, who doesn’t?). The prints are also from Etsy shop CarolineMint. The embroidered bear art (you can see in the mirror) used to hang in my nursery when I was a petite bebe, and my mom handed it down to me. It happened to already match our mint scheme, so I just painted the frame gold and voila! Legit vintage.

The gold-framed mirror tray and gold container are also vintage finds (aka, from the thrift store).

button heart DIY

The masterpiece of the bathroom is my DIY heart made of buttons. This was fun and easy to make, just a question of finding lots of pink buttons, and Hazel LOVES it. Anytime she’s having a cranky moment I can just bring her up to it and she loves poking and pointing at all the tiny buttons. I call that a handmade success.


Finally, on the other side of the sink I’ve added a customized Paper+Spark serving tray to house Hazel’s toothbrush and other toiletries. Side note – does your little one detest toothbrushing time as much as mine?? The struggle is real.

Thanks for joining me on a little tour of Hazel’s mint & pink nursery! If you’re looking for nursery ideas or some mint “pinspiration”, I hope this helps!

Hazel, who appropriately enough is matching the color scheme in this photo, says thanks for checking out her room!


P.S.! If you’re pregnant or have a little one and love the color mint (like me!) then check out the “Dear Baby” mint & polka dot journal and “Dear Baby” mint stripe & floral wreath journal I designed, both for sale in our shop!

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