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inventory spreadsheet

No more stress. It’s time to get CONFIDENT and ORGANIZED when it comes to pricing, costing, and counting your inventory.

What will the Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet do for me?

A lot! This powerful tool will assist you with the following business tasks when it comes to handling your supplies & finished goods:

Keep you organized by logging your raw materials & supply expenses
Determine how much each finished item cost you to create to ensure accurate pricing for profit
Calculate your suggested overhead rate, an important {and often forgotten} component of your pricing formula
Calculate a wholesale and retail price, based on a formula that you have the flexibility to adjust
Automatically generate an inventory list of finished goods available for sale
Compute your sales and cost of goods sold on a monthly basis
Take the stress out of your taxes by determining your year-end inventory and total purchases for your tax return
Streamline your year end inventory count by calculating your cost of inventory remaining
Provide you with the right financial data to determine if you’re making a profit, help you make educated business decisions, and set goals for the future
pricing spreadsheet by paper + spark

Does this sound familiar?

You keep putting off entering your supplies purchases because it takes so much time & energy. You aren’t sure of the best way to keep your purchases organized, so you just shove your receipts into a folder and save that for later.

When it comes time to price your creations, you aren’t totally sure how much they cost you to create. You’re overwhelmed by all the pricing formulas out there, so you guess at a price. Maybe you base it on what your competitors are doing, maybe you come up with your own formula. But you aren’t really sure if you’re doing it right, and if your prices will keep your biz profitable.

You don’t have time to create a solid system for inputting and tracking your finished goods available for sale. When tax time comes around, you spend hours Googling “ending inventory” and “cost of goods sold” and realize you have many hours of working backwards to produce the amounts you need for your return.

get your inventory systems in place

Knowing just how much your products cost you to create & how much you should sell them for are huge MUST DO and MUST DO RIGHT tasks for anyone who is serious about building a profitable business.

That’s exactly what this spreadsheet does for you – it takes the guesswork out of costing and pricing your goods.

It’s time to save yourself the stress and get a system that does the number-crunching & heavy-lifting for you. Stop staring at your computer screen and have more time to do what you love – create (and make money!).

New updates make dealing with inventory on your tax return even easier.

Based on user feedback after selling hundreds of copies, I’ve added more features to the spreadsheet to make it even more helpful at tax time. New supply quantity tracking helps streamline your year end inventory count, and you can use your spreadsheet to verify your ending inventory cost. The spreadsheet also summarizes your total inventoriable supply purchases for the year. Get peace of mind by having exactly what you need to fill out the inventory section on your business’ tax return.

What do I get?

An instantly downloadable & ready-to-go multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets
A detailed PDF instruction guide, with screenshots and explanations of applicable accounting terms and concepts used
Series of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to use your spreadsheet
For VIP purchasers – access to a special private Facebook forum where you can ask questions and discuss financial and bookkeeping issues with other Etsy shop owners and myself

Who is this spreadsheet for?

Etsy sellers, creative biz owners, shopowners who sell physical products {sellers of digital products & services can utilize it, but you don’t need all those tabs for raw materials! a version of this spreadsheet just for you will debut soon!}
Creatives who use physical raw materials & supplies to create their goods {see above}
Biz owners who are just opening up shop and need help setting up their supply & inventory tracking system, and calculating prices for their items
Entrepreneurs who have been in business for a while, but aren’t meeting their profitability goals and want to re-evaluate their pricing model
Biz owners who have been in business for a while, but have been slacking when it comes to tracking supplies, inventory costs, and finished inventory
Shop owners with less than 2000 products for sale {the spreadsheet currently can’t handle more than that!}
Sellers with any level (or no level!) of experience using a spreadsheet. Our instructional package includes written, photographic, and video step-by-step guides on how to get the most out of your purchase.
PDF instructions for pricing spreadsheet
creative biz financial forum

Check out one of the spreadsheet’s tutorial videos:

janet leblanc

The Brain Behind the Curtain...

The Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet was created by Janet of Paper + Spark. Janet is not only a Certified Public Accountant, but she’s a veteran Etsy seller with three shops and 4+ years of selling under her belt. She created the spreadsheet to help other sellers automate and simplify the otherwise complex tasks of pricing and costing their goods.

Stop “just guessing” when setting your prices. Take control of your costs. Get organized. Increase your profits. Know your stuff.

It doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right tools. Get educated and get confident about your pricing formula. Save your time and energy so you can get back to creating. Let the Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet grow your biz today. Available as a basic spreadsheet package or as a VIP package with access to our private Facebook forum.

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