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Now let’s figure out the PERFECT price point for your digital goods.

digital product pricing

Take the guesswork out of your price point and make PROFIT, not just sales.

One of the biggest boo boo’s digital product sellers make is pricing their goods TOO LOW. Too many of us fall into that trap of “passive income” so it doesn’t seem to matter what your price point is (how low can you go???). Sure, I can make $10k a month selling a $3 printable! Sounds reasonable!

That’s not you, savvy business owner – Pinpoint your pricing sweet spot without the guesswork with my fun plug & play pricing calculator. You can easily play around with different price points and determine your margins based on platform fees, overhead costs, and more.

Whether you’re toying with the idea of adding digital goodies to your shop or you’re already knee-deep in digital downloads, you gotta make sure you’re priced to actually keep money in your pocket after covering all those (often forgotten) costs of running your shop.

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This plug & play pricing calculator helps you:

  • Explore your margins on different platforms, like Etsy vs. Shopify
  • Take your total business expenses into account
  • Determine your breakeven point (how much do I need to sell to cover my costs?)
  • See how many items you need to sell to hit your particular profit goal (how much do I need to sell to pay myself $24k this year?)
  • Figure out how much additional revenue a digital product could add to your business
  • Know whether a new product is worth your time & energy

…There’s even a 🎁 bonus tab for your physical products too!

PLUS as a 🔥 bonus, you get access to my 60-minute masterclass on profitable digital product pricing, where I cover:

  • The benefits of adding a digital product to your shop
  • The hidden/forgotten costs of creating & selling digital products that you need to consider when pricing
  • Three things BEYOND the numbers you must consider when setting your prices in order to be profitable
  • Ways to stay profitable EVEN IF you sell a low-priced digital product like printables, stickers, or patterns

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“Such an eye opener for the $$ side of things that we don’t always consider!”

“The presentation was really thought provoking. I was clueless about all the costs involved. I still need to do some sums but I feel digital products might be a better option.”

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