The Goal-Getting Guidebook for Makers



Plan for profit with the Goal-Getting Guidebook, a unique goal-setting process crafted especially for makers.

Tired of spinning your wheels in your business and not reaping the financial rewards you deserve for all your hard work? Ready to actually pay yourself from your shop’s profits this next year? Let’s do it!

The way we go about setting business goals needs to change. It’s not about writing down your dreams in a journal, creating a vision board in your office, or choosing a word of intention for the year. Those things are all great – but we need goals that are measurable, motivating, and actionable.

MOST importantly – we need goals that actually have an impact on the day-to-day work we do in and on our business.

That’s why I’m all about setting smart financial goals for your business. You need some sort of measuring stick to compare to your goals against and effectively track your progress.

With the Goal-Getting Guidebook, I walk you through a unique process for making concrete + actionable financial goals for your shop.

We begin by figuring out what you need your take-home pay to be as CEO of your handmade biz, and work backwards from there. ALL your goals revolve around building a business that allows you to actually pay yourself for your hard work. Together, we’ll figure out what it takes to achieve that.

What is covered in the Goal-Getting Guidebook? 

In the Guidebook, we will walk through…

  • Reviewing what happened in the past 12 months from both a financial and non-financial standpoint
  • Uncovering valuable lessons from what worked and didn’t work last year
  • Beginning the goal-setting process for the next 12 months by setting a goal for your take-home pay
  • Working backwards to set goals for your business’ net income and sales for the year
  • Setting a spending budget for your business
  • Figuring out how many orders and sales it will take to reach your goals each month
  • Analyzing and tweaking your product mix and profit margins to meet your goals more efficiently
  • Breaking all your big goals down to a monthly plan of action
  • Creating a big picture guide map for the year to keep you on track
  • Tracking your progress from month to month

What’s included with your Guidebook purchase?

The Guidebook is an instantly downloadable digital file that’s just over 120 pages of exercises, charts, prompts, progress tracking sheets, and more. You can print your Guidebook, bind it, or use it digitally if you prefer. (There’s also a soft cover book available on Amazon!) This version of the Guidebook is undated, so you can re-download and re-use this same PDF to analyze your results & plan new goals year after year.

The Guidebook also includes an optional spreadsheet companion. Some of us prefer putting pen to paper, and some of us prefer crunching numbers via spreadsheet. For all you spreadsheet fans, you can use the spreadsheet file in your software of choice to review your past results, set goals for the future, and have the built-in formulas do the math for you.

If you AREN’T a spreadsheet fan, you will get just as much out of the printable Guidebook by itself!

The best part – we’re going to work through many of the exercises in the Guidebook LIVE TOGETHER in my Facebook group, Goal-Getting Makers. Bounce ideas off other makers, compare profit margins, ask questions, and get motivated to achieve your goals alongside me and our community of goal-getters.

What makes the Guidebook different from any other planner?

First, the Goal-Getting Guidebook was created especially for makers and handmade sellers. That means we’re going to walk through goal-setting specific to our industry and cover concepts like product development, seasonal trends, profit margin by product, and more.

Second, it’s really not a planner as much as a goal-setting workbook. You will use the unique goal-setting process to create a plan for profit in 2020, AND to create the ruler against which you can consistently track your progress. You’ll end up with a complete action plan for the year ahead, all designed around the main goal of being able to pay yourself your goal amount.



Can I use this for any year or time period?

The new version of the Guidebook is completely undated. You can customize both the PDF and printed versions for whatever set of months you want to review and whatever time period you want to set goals for.

The printed version of the Guidebook (only available on Amazon) has a matte cover that works well with Sharpies. You’ll be able to write in the year you’re planning for on the front cover and along the spine.

Can I reuse this year after year?

Yes! Obviously the PDF digital version lends itself better to being reused. Just download a fresh blank copy for the next time period when you’re ready!

Does the Goal-Getting Guidebook spreadsheet replace my Paper + Spark Seller Spreadsheet?

Nope, the spreadsheet that comes with your Guidebook is specifically for analyzing your past results and setting new goals for the next 12 months. It’s not designed to be a bookkeeping template (like our Seller Spreadsheets are!).

Is this for me if I’m not a maker?

While the Guidebook is designed with makers in mind, it will work well for any e-commerce seller, even if you don’t make your products by hand or sell physical goods. Service-based businesses and digital product sellers are welcome to join in on the fun!

Please note that your purchase here is for the PDF instant-download version of the Guidebook. The printed, physical book is available on Amazon.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Jennifer Mooney
great for future

I will use this so much in the future, it is giving me direction and helping me plan for th future.

Gave me so much clarity

This course was so thorough and easy to follow I ended up buying the Get Legit Tool Kit. I am very happy with everything I have purchased from Paper and Spark. Totally recommended!

Jennie Koeper
Worth every penny

The Goal-Getting Guidebook is a great resource, a comprehensive plan to put me on track to meet all of my goals for next year.

Kristy San Inocencio

The Goal-Getting Guidebook for Makers

Milenda Reichman
So much to learn

There is so much to learn about what can be tracked to know where and when you need to do all the things. This book is walking me through page by page.

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Rave Reviews
for Paper + Spark

This is such a great resource! I was always intimidated by the thought of using spreadsheets. This has simplified it and made it do-able.

Kayla F.