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  1. Diana

    I love this spreadsheet! My nerdy side squealed while I was working with it. So much fun! Thanks for all the helpful videos that go with this, that’s SO MUCH VALUABLE training even for a beginner!
    Thanks so much Janet, for making this so much easier 🙂

  2. Jacki

    Just what I needed! Great tool for keeping track of my inventory, sales, overhead, etc.

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Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet for one-of-a-kind makers

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Stop “just guessing” when setting your prices. Take control of your costs. Get organized. Increase your profits. Know your stuff.

The inventory costing and pricing process for a creative business with physical products can be time-consuming and stressful.

It takes time to sort, enter, and track all those materials & supplies you buy. It takes energy to determine how much of your supplies went into making each product you create. It is stressful to figure out how to correctly price your products to ensure a profit. Are you basing your prices on a proven formula, or are you just guessing at it?

It feels overwhelming to list and track all that inventory you make. What’s still out there for sale and what have I already sold? It takes research and time-consuming Googling to figure out how to calculate the numbers you need for your tax return.

Knowing just how much your products cost you to create and how much you should sell them for are two huge MUST DO’S for any creative biz owner that’s serious about building a profitable, sustainable business.

That’s exactly what the Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet does for you – it takes the guesswork out of costing and pricing your goods.

What does the spreadsheet do?

A lot! This powerful tool will assist you with the following business tasks when it comes to handling your supplies & finished goods:

  • Keep you organized by logging your raw materials & supply expenses
  • Determine how much each finished item cost you to create to ensure accurate pricing for profit
  • Calculate your suggested overhead rate, an important {and often forgotten} component of your pricing formula
  • Calculate a wholesale and retail price, based on a formula that you have the flexibility to adjust
  • Automatically generate an inventory list of finished goods available for sale
  • Compute your sales and cost of goods sold on a monthly basis
  • Take the stress out of your taxes by making your year-end inventory count much less painful and more streamlined
  • Help you calculate purchases and ending inventory for your Schedule C
  • Provide you with the right financial data to determine if you’re making a profit, help you make educated business decisions, and set goals for the future

New updates make dealing with inventory on your tax return even easier.

Based on user feedback after selling hundreds of copies, I’ve added more features to the spreadsheet to make it even more helpful at tax time. New supply quantity tracking helps streamline your year end inventory count, and you can use your spreadsheet to verify your ending inventory cost. The spreadsheet also summarizes your total inventoriable supply purchases for the year. Get peace of mind by having exactly what you need to fill out the inventory section on your business’ tax return.

THE BOTTOM LINE – With this tool, you can log your supplies, cost & price your finished goods, track your inventory and tally your sales & cost of goods – ALL IN ONE PLACE!

What’s included in your purchase?

  • An instantly downloadable & ready-to-go multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets
  • A detailed PDF instruction guide, with screenshots and explanations of applicable accounting terms and concepts used
  • Series of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to use your spreadsheet

I see you have two versions of this spreadsheet. Who is this version for?

Both Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheets are for handmade sellers. They both assist with the main areas of dealing with inventory – costing, pricing, and taxes – they just do it in slightly different ways to fit different needs.

The ICP spreadsheet for one-of-a-kind makers is my original inventory spreadsheet – so if you’re looking for the version I’ve been selling since 2015, this is it. This version is best suited for those who sell unique or custom-made one-of-a-kind items, vs. multiple quantities of the same handmade item over and over.

Watch me sum up the differences and pros/cons of each inventory spreadsheet in this quick video.

Both ICP spreadsheets work for both newbie and experience creative biz owners who create and sell physical products. Sellers with any level (or no level!) of experience using a spreadsheet can use this tool to grow their biz. Our instructional package includes written, photographic, and video step-by-step guides on how to get the most out of your purchase.

Read more about the Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet, and get a video sneak peek here.

Need an inventory spreadsheet AND a Seller Spreadsheet for an all-in-one bookkeeping solution? Build your own bundle of spreadsheets and get a significant discount here.

Got procrastination issues? Need some help staying committed to your new bookkeeping spreadsheet on a consistent basis? Join the Accounting Accountability Club.

Have questions about any of our spreadsheets? Not sure which tool best fits your needs? Check out the Spreadsheet Resource page for FAQs, videos, and more info.

Rave Reviews
for Paper + Spark

I wish I had discovered this product on day 1 of starting my Etsy shop. This tool provides so much information. I love being able to see all of my financial information at a glance. The step by step videos are so useful. Every question I had was answered in a timely, detailed fashion. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this product, I say do it. You won’t regret your purchase.

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