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Get the convenience of instantly totaling your PayPal sales & fees for your existing Seller Spreadsheet with the PayPal import add-on spreadsheet.

P+S offers add-on tools, allowing you to easily import from multiple sales venues! Instantly total the PayPal amounts you need, without having to pay for a whole new Seller Spreadsheet. Save yourself the time and stress of figuring out exactly what reports and amounts you need from PayPal to get what’s required for your bookkeeping.

With this add-on, you can easily import your PayPal info and enter it over onto your main Seller Spreadsheet. Here’s how the tool works:

  • Import your PayPal activity download CSV file into the import add-on spreadsheet file to instantly total your PayPal sales, (including shipping received), sales tax collected, refunds, PayPal fees, and PayPal shipping labels expense. A quick video tutorial and PDF guide shows you the steps you need to do this.
  • After tabulating these amounts, enter the totals over on your existing main Seller Spreadsheet. Now you can easily have ALL your business sales & fees in one place, without having to manually figure out how to get your PayPal data.

The PayPal import add-on will help you automatically import your PayPal sales from all sources (including shipping received), refunds, sales tax collected, fees, and shipping labels purchased via PayPal. You will still manually enter your business purchases made through your PayPal account.

The PayPal import add-on is designed to be used in conjunction with one of our Seller Spreadsheets, such as the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet or the Amazon Seller Spreadsheet.

The PayPal import add-on is NOT made to be used by itself. You do not need the PayPal import add-on if you already plan to buy or own the PayPal Seller Spreadsheet!

The PayPal Import Add-on includes:

  • An instantly downloadable & usable multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets – usable for any year, and can be used again year after year
  • A detailed written instruction guide with screenshots available via Google Docs
  • Video tutorial to walk you through the import process and how to enter amounts back on your main Seller Spreadsheet

Please note before purchasing…

This tool will only import correctly with business PayPal accounts. If you’re still using a personal PayPal account for your business, you can upgrade for free and get the improved reporting functions you need to use this tool.

Before deciding whether the PayPal import add-on is the right tool for you, you need to examine where and how you accept PayPal payments online, along with what other P+S spreadsheets you’re using to import your sales. Be careful not to double count your PayPal sales via imports from multiple sources.

  • If you’re already using the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet, you should only use the PayPal import add-on if you accept integrated direct checkout. If you don’t use integrated checkout on Etsy, you will double count your Etsy PayPal sales if you use both the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet and the PayPal import add-on. If you aren’t sure whether you use integrated checkout – ask yourself whether or not you ever automatically get Etsy sales deposited to your PayPal account. If you don’t, you are using integrated checkout.
  • If you’re already using the Shopify Seller Spreadsheet and you accept PayPal payments in your Shopify shop, then importing both your Shopify sales and your PayPal sales with this tool will result in double-counting all PayPal sales accepted via Shopify.
  • If you’re confused about anything above and not sure whether this tool is a good fit, just contact me and ask. We can figure it out together!

Have questions about any of our spreadsheets? Not sure which tool best fits your needs? Check out the Spreadsheet Resource page for FAQs, videos, and more info.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lisa Quinn

PayPal import add-on

Crystal Marin

Perfect! This makes life so much easier!

Felicia rego
Everything I never knew I needed

Perfect for you small business! Can’t belive I went years without it!

Ashley Huber
PayPal Add-On

Love the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet! However, I was disappointed when I purchased this item and realized it wasn't going to import the information from PayPal into the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet. I might as well just look at the PayPal activity pages and plug the information right into the spreadsheet myself.

Lali Mayster
PayPal - my nemesis

Paypal is my nemesis, but this spreadsheet made it soooo much easier to understand and figure out. Highly recommend all the Paper and Spark products!

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for Paper + Spark

This is such a great resource! I was always intimidated by the thought of using spreadsheets. This has simplified it and made it do-able.

Kayla F.