Pricing Digital Products Masterclass



Learn how to make a profit selling digital products in this one-hour video training.

Have you pondered adding digital stickers, a graphic pack, downloadable patterns, or an ebook to your shop site? Or maybe you already sell digital products?

Digital products seem like the magic bullet for *passive income*, but I want you to make sure you understand how to price & position your digital products so you can hit your financial goals.

After 7+ years of selling digital products myself, I created this hour-long training all about how to price digital products and make an actual profit.

Too many sellers fall into the trap that listing a $3 printable for sale leads to $10k months. Know your numbers from the beginning so you can price your digital goods for success. That’s why I designed my plug & play breakeven and profit point calculator (that you get access to with this training!). Plug in your e-commerce platform and your business expenses and see how many digital products you actually need to sell to make a profit!

During this on-demand workshop, I will teach you:

💎 The benefits of adding a digital product to your shop, along with a few ideas to get your juices flowing

💎 The hidden costs of creating and selling digital products that you must consider when setting your prices

💎 Three things BEYOND the numbers you must consider when setting your prices for digital items to be profitable

💎 Ways to stay profitable even if you’re selling a low-priced digital product (like printables, stickers, or patterns)

💎 A plug-n-play calculator you can use to explore different pricing options, figure out your breakeven & profit points, and ensure you’re setting yourself up to be profitable ⬇️

how to price digital products


Your purchase includes lifetime access to the video training & the plug & play calculator. There’s even an additional tab for physical products if you wanna play around with breakeven points for those!

Answer questions like:

  • At what price point should I price my digital products?
  • How many digital products do I need to sell to cover my costs and breakeven?
  • How many digital products do I need to sell to hit a profit goal?
  • How much additional revenue could digital products add to my business?
  • Is it worth my time & energy to create a digital product line?


Feedback from masterclass attendees
“The inner math nerd inside me NEEDED to see those numbers are have hard facts to help with pricing/not selling myself short!”
“Such an eye opener for the $$ side of things that we don’t always consider!”
“The presentation was really thought provoking. I was clueless about all the costs involved. I still need to do some sums but I feel digital products might be a better option. My takeaway from this is that I’d rather start small and build towards sustaining a longterm profitable online shop.”
“Some hard truths – but utterly superb!”



Nope. I do cover the costs of selling on popular platforms like Etsy & Shopify, or processing payment via PayPal or Stripe.


After you complete your purchase, you’ll be emailed the access link to the video & plug & play calculator. Make sure to check your inbox for the email from

Customer Reviews

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Tiffani H.
Enjoyed it

Great course! I learned some new things as the course was very helpful.

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for Paper + Spark

This is such a great resource! I was always intimidated by the thought of using spreadsheets. This has simplified it and made it do-able.

Kayla F.