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Want a tailored + actionable revenue map for your business for the rest of 2019?

Work with me live during this never-before-offered one-hour intensive as we map out your very own revenue plan for the remainder of this year.

What the process entails:

  1. PRE-INTENSIVE QUESTIONNAIRE:  You’ll answer a thorough questionnaire about the past and current financial results of your business. This may require catching up on your bookkeeping and crunching a few numbers, but having this valuable data on hand before our intensive will be well worth it! You’ll submit this questionnaire to me one week prior to our intensive call.
  2. LIVE ONE-ON-ONE INTENSIVE: Get ready to roll up your sleeves! We’ll have a one-hour Skype work session together. We’ll begin by briefly reviewing any golden nuggets from your past results. Next, we’ll discuss your big dreamy financial goals for your business, and we’ll nail down a take-home pay goal for the remainder of the year. I will work backwards from that number to determine sales, spending, order, and traffic goals from your one big goal. As we work backwards, we’ll discuss what seems realistic in both your work & life to attain these goals, bounce ideas, and get things on paper.
  3. YOUR PERSONALIZED MASTER PLAN: Within 2 weeks of our intensive, you’ll get a bound, printed copy of your personalized master revenue plan mailed to you. See the bullet points below for a full account of what’s included in your personalized master plan! This plan will take you through the rest of 2019 with a PHYSICAL actionable reminder of what you need to focus on to reach your financial goals. Your physical master plan book will also include space for you to log your progress each month as you go against the data points we’ve set during our planning session. You’ll also get access to the digital recording of our video call if you ever need to refer back.
  4. FOLLOW UP: After receiving your master revenue plan, you’ll have 3 weeks of dedicated email access to ask questions about what’s included in it.

What sort of information will be included in your September – December 2019 revenue plan?

  • Your personal take-home pay goal from your business
  • Your revenue, expense, and net income goals
  • Forecasted order goals and product order targets (by category or product type) for supply planning
  • Forecasted traffic needed
  • General marketing & growth plan needed to attain financial goals
  • Breakdown of financial, order, and traffic plan by month
  • Improvement & conversion recommendations specific to your business

Basically, this revenue plan will give you a roadmap for specifically what you need to focus on to reach your financial goals for the rest of 2019.

Your master plan will have the detailed info to help you make actionable progress throughout the holiday season. The plan puts your sales goal to LIFE.

You may have set a sales goal for the holiday season in the past but then left scratching your head with questions – what will it take to get there? How many orders should I anticipate filling? How many views do I need to get in my shop in order to get enough orders? Am I even priced correctly to make this much money? Will I blow my budget to get there? Should I invest in FB ads to drive more traffic or should I spend my time with my email list?

I can help you look at your numbers to get actionable answers to these questions based on what’s working and not working for you. Let me be your personal numbers whisperer for a smashing holiday season!

If you’re tired going into your work day without an action plan or seeing lackluster results after a super busy holiday season, then I encourage you to dedicate just a few hours & brain cells to working with me to craft a plan for your success this year.

Please note – This is a beta offering! This is my very first time offering this service in this specific format. I have worked with many makers (and even service-based biz owners and digital product sellers) on revenue mapping & planning, but not yet at this intense of a deep dive and with this final deliverable. Thus, I want to offer this experimental product to you at a reduced beta rate as I work out the kinks.

You get a great product for a discounted price, while I get your valuable feedback (and your patience as I work through any kinks in the system!). As such, I am only offering this service at this price for the first SEVEN people who complete checkout.

As a new beta offering, I don’t yet have amazing images or mock ups of the final product to share – but trust that it will be super informative, actionable, and well put together 🙂

Who qualifies for the intensive?

Please only purchase this intensive if ALL of the following apply to you:

  • You are able to register for a live one-hour Skype session during one of these available time slots in July/August 2019.
  • You know your numbers well enough to fill out & submit a detailed questionnaire about your 2018/2019 financial results without driving yourself crazy.
  • You’ve made at least $5k in sales so far this year or at least $5k in sales last year. (We simply need enough sales data to work with to be able to set realistic goals for the rest of this year).
  • You are able to submit all required information more than one week prior to your intensive interview. You will receive the questionnaire no later than two weeks prior to your intensive date (ie – you will have at least one week to fill out your questionnaire!).
  • You can be a handmade seller, a physical product seller, a service provider, or sell a digital product (like ebooks, courses, etc.).
  • You feel comfortable talking about money with me!

Please note that I will not be giving detailed or specific tax advice as part of this service.

PLEASE make sure you are able to register for an available time slot FIRST before completing check out! Check the calendar here.

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