Inventory for Vintage Seller Spreadsheet



Keep track of your vintage inventory items for cost, tax, and pricing purposes with this spreadsheet made especially for vintage sellers.

For an online business owner, dealing with inventory can be time-consuming and stressful. This spreadsheet allows you to streamline your inventory process. You can enter your purchases, price your vintage goods, and track cost of goods sold throughout the year with this one simple tool.

Knowing just how much your products cost you and how much you should sell them for are two huge MUST DO’S for any creative biz owner that’s serious about building a profitable, sustainable business. This tool will help you keep track of your profit margin, plus it makes tax time a lot less stressful.

What does the Inventory for Vintage Sellers Spreadsheet do?

A lot! This powerful tool will assist you with the following business tasks:

  • Logs your purchases and all the related details
  • Pricing your goods
  • Creating an inventory list of both goods available for sale or items that have sold
  • Determines your profit margin on each item sold
  • Computes your sales and cost of goods sold on a monthly basis
  • Takes the stress out of doing taxes by determining your year-end inventory and cost of goods sold
  • Explains how to verify your inventory count for tax time at year end
  • Provides you with the right financial data to determine if you’re making a profit, help you make educated business decisions, and set goals for the future

What’s included in your purchase?

  • An instantly downloadable & ready-to-go multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets
  • A detailed written instruction guide, with screenshots and explanations of applicable accounting terms and concepts used, available via Google Docs
  • Video tutorials explain every step of the process and showing you how to use your new spreadsheet

Who is this spreadsheet for?

This spreadsheet works for both newbie and experienced Etsy shop owners or entrepreneurs with free-standing online shops who create and sell PHYSICAL products. This version of the spreadsheet is geared specifically for vintage sellers. If you’re a hand maker or sell items that require lots of supplies, check out our original Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet here,

If you’re looking for a spreadsheet to help you with monthly bookkeeping and general business expenses (including the ability to import your sales directly from Etsy), check out our Etsy Seller Spreadsheet.

Need an inventory spreadsheet AND a Seller Spreadsheet for an all-in-one bookkeeping solution? Build your own bundle of spreadsheets and get a significant discount here.

Have questions about any of our spreadsheets? Not sure which tool best fits your needs? Check out the Spreadsheet Resource page for FAQs, videos, and more info.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Inventory made easy

The inventory spreadsheet is the perfect complement to the sellers spreadsheet. I sell vintage items and it has helped me track my inventory properly. It is a simple and efficient tool that gives me the information I need to calculate COGS for tax purposes. I highly recommend it. Thank you!

I recommend this spreadsheet

I am going on my third year of using this spreadsheet. It is easy to use and update, the customer service is spot-on, and it has made the business/tax/record-keeping side of my business possible. Janet is responsive to questions, and provides great customer service. The companion video tutorials and printable PDF instructions made this very user-friendly for a non-spreadsheet person like myself. I recommend this spreadsheet without reservation.

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Rave Reviews
for Paper + Spark

This is such a great resource! I was always intimidated by the thought of using spreadsheets. This has simplified it and made it do-able.

Kayla F.