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what you’ll learn in this free 45-MINUTE WORKSHOP:

When it’s time to deal with taxes as a shop owner

The TL:DR version of sales vs. income tax and how it affects you

✅ The truth behind the “I’m just a hobby myth” in the tax world

Simple steps to get legit + setup your finances (no shame or stress attached)

if you’ve ever said to yourself:

➡️ What exactly are my tax and financial responsibilities?

➡️ Is it true that I don’t need to worry about reporting this stuff until I make $600?

➡️ At what point am I really actually like…a business?!

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Who is this for?

Sellers based in the USA (I discuss tax rules specific to the US)

New sellers wanting to get set up properly from the beginning

✅ Experienced sellers who are ready to get serious about getting their ducks in a row

Physical product-based businesses, whether you sell handmade, vintage, supplies, retail, etc. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re selling online, in person, on Etsy, etc.

Let’s take control of your shop’s financial foundation so you can feel more confident and breathe easy…together! 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you got a manual explaining all this stuff when you opened up shop?

Yes! But unfortunately – you don’t! That’s why I encourage you to join me for this quick and in-plain-English video workshop.

I’ll clear up the contradicting rumors and overwhelm about your responsibilities as a biz owner. We’ll discuss whether your shop is really just a hobby or actually a business, and I’ll walk through exactly what that means for you.

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