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It’s becoming more and more challenging to stand out in the Etsy marketplace. Etsy shoppers are inundated with results when they search for an item. Like pages and pages…and pages. How can you make sure your handmade good stands out in the sea of search results? It’s all about drawing in that potential customer with your product’s lead photo – peaking their interest with a beautiful primary image and getting them to click to learn more.

On that note, today I’m excited to share with you an amazing new tool that helps us Etsy sellers with exactly this –  Whatify.


What exactly is Whatify?

Whatify’s purpose is pretty straightforward – it’s a software tool that tests out two different “lead images” for your Etsy product listings to see which one attracts the most traffic. After a month of testing, you get personalized recommendations for each listing on which photos perform the best – giving you increased traffic and hopefully increased sales too!

Whatify first captured my attention because, obviously, I’m a lover of all things numbers, stats, and analytics. Don’t let that scare you however, because you certainly do not need to be a number-lover like myself in order to benefit from the software (they actually do all the analyzing behind the scenes for you!).

That sounds like something from the future and slightly crazy. How exactly does Whatify do this?!

You can easily connect Whatify to your Etsy shop account and choose which listings you want to test. You can even choose to test your entire shop. For the next four weeks, Whatify will randomly switch up your primary photo on Etsy – choosing between your existing primary image and image #2 on the listing. In fancy science terms, this is called an “A/B test”.

Whatify lets me pick which listings I want to try out for A/B testing


For my own Whatify experience, I chose to test out a lot of my personalized, physical products. I was curious to see if people responded better to “real” photos of my products vs. mock ups. I also threw in a few of my digital product listings to see which primary image drove more traffic.

During your A/B test, Whatify is taking careful notes on your traffic. They are analyzing whether more Etsy shoppers are clicking on your listing when image #1 shows up versus image #2.

Do not disturb! Testing in progress!


After your 4 weeks are up, you receive a recommendation report with your results. You can view 20% of your results for free, and upgrade your account for access to your full report. You’ll see which primary photos drove more traffic and where you should make changes. Whatify will even analyze how much increased traffic you could expect to see from implementing their suggestions.

The average shop will increase their traffic by 10% by following Whatify’s recommendations. Some shops will even see up to a 30% improvement in traffic from implementing Whatify’s suggestions. Imagine what a 30% increase in traffic would look like for you!

Whatify also makes it super easy to implement their recommendations – you can choose the best performing photo from within the platform, and it will edit your Etsy listing automatically. (No need to log into Etsy and manually switch out the photos for each listing yourself!)

A portion of my test results


When my test ended, I loved being able to see which photos to keep and which to switch out. In part, it’s validating knowing I already had some great lead photo (good job, Janet!). But for the ones Whatify suggested I switch, I am happy to do that in exchange for increased traffic and sales! I am all about tweaking and testing, and Whatify is a great example of that – using actual data to make smart recommendations for tweaking your shop!

Getting the most from Whatify

I encourage you to check out Whatify and test out your lead photos.

  • If you sell jewelry, clothing, or accessories – does the basic, clean white background photo do better, or a well-styled modeled shot on a real live human?
  • If you create paper goods – does a digitalized mock-up do better, or a photo of the actual printed item?
  • If you design art or home decor – does a photo of your item hanging on a white wall or a blue wall drive more traffic?
  • If you make baby items – does a styled photo with props do better? Or a clean, white backdrop?

There are so many possibilities to test! And the best part is that you can try out Whatify for free. Check out this tool to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stand out in that sea of search results.

This post is sponsored by Whatify, and I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. All opinions and experiences are my own.






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