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  1. Haley

    Love all of the spreadsheets from Paper & Spark! I use this to keep track of my business inventory! Thank you!

  2. Cheryl

    Just what I needed to help me with the challenging task of pricing and tracking inventory for tax time. Love, love, love the customer support and video tutorials! Janet is a star!

  3. Lisa Muskett


    My sister has shown me the spreadsheet that she purchased from you. I am looking for the same thing. I have an app Shopventory this has my EPOS – Clover and Shopify attached to it so I am able to download reports that join the two.. I also have Etsy. Do you have a spreadsheet that is suitable for my needs?

    Thank you

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Inventory for Resellers spreadsheet



Introducing an inventory solution especially crafted for resellers, retailers, supply shops, and more.

P+S has finally created a version of our bestselling inventory spreadsheets with resellers in mind. This spreadsheet solution helps you keep tabs on all things inventory without the headache – how much you spent, the cost per good, how much you have left on hand, and most importantly – what you need to know for tax time.

Dealing with inventory can be one of the most overwhelming and stressful parts of being a shop owner. This reseller inventory spreadsheet is here to change that.

The reseller inventory spreadsheet helps those who sell ready-made goods with all of these tasks:

  • Logging your inventory purchases and calculating the cost per item
  • Keeping track of how many units you have in stock
  • Helping you examine your pricing strategy and set profitable price points for your goods
  • Totaling the cost of items taken out for personal use (helpful for tax time!)
  • Calculating your ending inventory and total inventory purchases each year with ease (also super helpful for tax time!)
  • Streamlining your year end inventory count for taxes

I can just make a spreadsheet template myself, can’t I?

Sure you can. But as with all P+S spreadsheets, the value of the reseller inventory spreadsheet is in the guidance. This isn’t just a barebones spreadsheet. Your purchase also includes step-by-step PDF and instructions, along with video tutorials that guide you through the entire inventory process – from initial set up to year end tax time. My goal is not to just give you a tool for entering your inventory, but for you to actually understand all the concepts related to inventory – like cost of goods sold, the year end count, and how inventory works for your taxes. I break down the “why” behind what you’re doing in plain English.

You also get the confidence to deal with inventory and the peace of mind to know you’re doing things correctly.

No need to waste endless hours Googling, wondering if you’ve found a reliable source, or reading contradicting answers on Facebook forums. This spreadsheet was created by a Certified Public Accountant & former accounting instructor who is also an experienced Etsy seller.

Over the past several months, I’ve been working with supply sellers and clothing retailers to create an inventory solution especially for resellers. You can be confident that the reseller inventory spreadsheet has been tweaked, tried, tested and approved.

What’s included in your purchase?

  • An instantly downloadable & ready-to-go multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets that can be used year after year
  • A detailed PDF instruction guide, with screenshots and explanations of applicable accounting terms and concepts used
  • Series of video tutorials with step-by-step instructions on how to use your spreadsheet

The PDF and video instructions will walk you through the initial set up of your inventory (including how to enter any goods you’ve already got on hand), how to record purchases and sales throughout the year, how to get the numbers you need for tax time and perform a year end count, and how to roll over your spreadsheet to use year after year.

Who is this spreadsheet for?

The Inventory for Resellers spreadsheet works for both newbie and experience creative biz owners who create and sell physical, ready made products. Think clothing retailers, wholesale resellers, supply shops on Etsy, MLM businesses, etc. It works for those that sell online, at local shows and pop up shops, or via a brick & mortar storefront. Sellers with any level (or no level!) of experience using a spreadsheet can use this tool. Our instructional package includes written, photographic, and video step-by-step guides on how to get the most out of your purchase.

This spreadsheet is not suited for those who craft, create, or make their goods from raw materials & supplies, like handmade sellers. If you sell handmade items, you want either the Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet for one-of-a-kind makers or the Inventory Cost & Pricing spreadsheet for batch makers & multiple quantity handmade sellers.

Need an inventory solution bundled with a Seller Spreadsheet too? Build your own bundle of spreadsheets and get a significant discount here.

Got procrastination issues? Need some help staying committed to your new inventory spreadsheet on a consistent basis? Join the Accounting Accountability Club.

Have questions about any of our spreadsheets? Not sure which tool best fits your needs? Check out the Spreadsheet Resource page for FAQs, videos, and more info.

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for Paper + Spark

I love the spreadsheet, but I love the detailed instructions even more, thanks for breaking everything down so that the product is easy to learn to use!

Wendy S.