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Shopify import add-on



Get the convenience of instantly totaling your Shopify data and entering on your existing Seller Spreadsheet with the Shopify import add-on spreadsheet.

P+S offers import add-on tools, so you can easily import from additional sales venues! Instantly total the Shopify amounts you need, without having to pay for a whole new Seller Spreadsheet. Save yourself the time and stress of figuring out exactly what reports and amounts you need from Shopify to get the totals you need for your bookkeeping and taxes.

With this add-on, you can easily import your Shopify info and enter it over onto your main Seller Spreadsheet. Here’s how the tool works:

  • Import your Shopify CSV file into the import add-on spreadsheet file to instantly total your Shopify sales, refunds, shipping received, and sales tax collected
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly find all the Shopify fees you need to record each month
  • After tabulating these amounts, enter the totals over on your existing main Seller Spreadsheet. Now you can easily have ALL your business sales in one place, without having to manually figure out how to get your Shopify data.

The Shopify import add-on is designed to be used in conjunction with one of our Seller Spreadsheets, such as the Etsy Seller Spreadsheet or the Amazon Seller Spreadsheet. If you use it with the PayPal Seller Spreadsheet, make sure you don’t double count any PayPal sales accepted via your Shopify account (they’ll be reported both via PayPal AND Shopify). For this reason, I generally don’t recommend you use this import add on alongside one of my PayPal spreadsheets.

The Shopify import add-on is NOT made to be used by itself. If you’re a Shopify seller looking for a bookkeeping spreadsheet, see our Shopify Seller SpreadsheetYou do not need the Shopify import add-on if you already own or plan to buy the Shopify Seller Spreadsheet!

The Shopify Import Add-on includes:

  • An instantly downloadable & usable multi-tabbed spreadsheet file, openable in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets. This one file can be used year after year.
  • A detailed PDF instruction guide with screenshots
  • Video tutorials from the Shopify Seller Spreadsheet

Got procrastination issues? Need some help staying committed to your new bookkeeping spreadsheet on a consistent basis? Join the Accounting Accountability Club.

Have questions about any of our spreadsheets? Not sure which tool best fits your needs? Check out the Spreadsheet Resource page for FAQs, videos, and more info.

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Rave Reviews
for Paper + Spark

These spreadsheets are worth every dime! I canceled my QuickBooks subscription because this was exactly what I needed to keep up with my shirt business… Janet is so helpful and has been by my side through all of this! So thank you again Janet for all you do, you are SO appreciated.

Cubbie T.