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I totally get it – you don’t know what you don’t know. It’d be SO helpful if you got a biz money 101 manual when you opened up shop, but unfortunately that doesn’t exist! The CFO 101 series is a helpful introduction to the top 5 financial questions you have about running your business. And it’s free!

Free 5-Day CFO 101 Email Series

so…what exactly is this?

➡️ The CFO 101 series is your easy, breezy, low-stakes intro to the financial topics you need to know about as a creative entrepreneur. Consider this your crash course to being CFO of your handmade biz.

➡️ Each day for 5 days, I will send an info-packed (but in *plain English*) email straight to your inbox addressing one important financial topic (like sales taxes, bookkeeping, etc.)

➡️ By the end of the week, you’ll feel tons better about being a profitable, money-savvy CFO of your handmade biz. You’ll also be able to hit reply and ask me questions as we go along.

Janet Leblanc of Paper + Spark


Hey there, my name’s Janet LeBlanc and I’m the owner of this little biz – Paper + Spark! I’m a CPA here in the US and I’ve been working with makers and creative entrepreneurs since 2014. I’m even a maker myself with lots of e-commerce experience under my belt – so I get what you’re going through. There aren’t a lot of accessible, understandable resources out there for physical product sellers and I’m here to change that. I hope you join me for the ride!