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In addition to our digital spreadsheet files, Paper + Spark offers various courses to help you get more confident about being CFO of your shop.


A step-by-step guide for makers & creatives to build your shop’s financial foundation with confidence

You’re starting an online shop! Your creative talent and your entrepreneurial spirit is fueling you. Founding a creative business is so exciting! Kudos to you for striking out on your own and beginning this amazing adventure. The hard part’s over!

As you set up shop, you spiral down the blackhole of Facebook forums and Google “research” and quickly realize that there’s a lot more to operating an Etsy shop than taking photos, writing item descriptions, and figuring out shipping (though that’s plenty on it’s own!). How does sales tax work? And how much money should I save each month for taxes? I don’t have to worry about reporting this until I make a certain amount in sales, right? What’s an LLC and should I be one? I feel like there’s something important I’m missing, but I’m not sure where to look…

Questions about how to get your financial ducks in a row may leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious faster than you can say “quack”. Why isn’t there just one big checklist out there that tells you what you need to do to get your shop legit so you can do it and then be done with it?

Lucky for you, there’s an easier way. Introducing the Get Legit Toolkit.
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Take your 2023 books from blank to complete in tiny, bite-sized steps! 

If you procrastinated on your books this past year – it’s okay! You’re not alone, and I can help you get caught up in tiny steps without the overwhelm.

As a Certified Public Accountant and a maker myself, I’ve got the perfect solution for you if you’re behind on your bookkeeping – the Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp, especially for Etsy and Shopify sellers. It’s the next best thing to having an accountant there with you helping you log your transactions.

The Bootcamp is designed specifically to help you catch up on your 2023 finances in the least stressful way possible. I’ve broken down everything you need to do to update your books for the entire year in tiny, itty bitty, doable steps that are actually realistic. The Bootcamp also includes the Etsy or Shopify Seller Spreadsheet and a special inventory worksheet designed specifically to help you get the year-end tax numbers you need.

The Bootcamp is seasonally available in November – February each year. You can currently enroll here!

Get everything you need to file your 2021 taxes DONE with less stress.
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Reach your goals faster while keeping your sanity.

If you often feel like the hamster on a wheel, constantly working on your business to do’s without actually moving your business forward, you aren’t alone. Asana for Makers is a quick-win course that teaches you how to better manage your work time in your business – encouraging you to find the balance between working IN and working ON your shop.

In Asana for Makers, I guide you through using a totally free productivity tool called Asana, alongside with a complete mindset shift in how you break down your BIG goals to daily to do’s to help you become immeasurably more efficient in your business. With this system, you will create your own boss for your business to motivate you to work more efficiently, achieve your financial goals, and feel more balanced.

The end result – Imagine logging onto your computer or phone each day and seeing a manageable to do list, knowing exactly what you need to work on to both keep your shop running efficiently and move you a step closer to achieving your goals

The tools in this course are perfect for my fellow scrambled moms, stressed out Etsy-preneurs, and serial project jugglers. I know you have ALL the ideas and goals and responsibilities and THINGS just like me, and I’m ready to give you the tools to handle them with less overwhelm and frazzle. 

I’m ready to reach my goals! >

Tired of feeling like the handmade marketplace is a race to the bottom?

Building a sustainable business selling handcrafted goods can be a challenge if you aren’t priced for profit. How can you put a price on your time & talents? How do you compete with others around you who seem to be charging way less?

In order for your business to thrive over the long-term, a profitable pricing strategy is vital. Are you setting price points that allow you to pay yourself and grow your biz? If you struggle with this, The Pricing Workshop is for you.

I joined forces with Etsy pro and embroidery artist Danielle from Merriweather Council to co-create The Pricing Workshop, a deep dive into the art & science of handmade pricing. I will guide you through knowing your numbers, nailing down your costs, and making sure you can pay yourself what you deserve. Danielle takes you past “just” the numbers strategy and teaches you how to present your brand and attract the right customers at the prices you need to charge. 

The Pricing Workshop leaves students with a well-rounded pricing strategy based on a deep understanding of their costs & goals. It also gives you a plan for how to tweak your business to support the prices you need to charge and STILL make sales.

Get confident & build a profitable + sustainable business that will support you for years to come.
Learn more about The Pricing Workshop >

Numbers may not be sexy…but the results are!

This course is for all my intermediate & advanced e-commerce sellers! Next Level Numbers is an online program that helps you understand your numbers and leverage your metrics to work intentionally, sell strategically, boost your profits, and grow with ease. If you’ve got a year or two of selling under your belt and you’re ready for GROWTH, but not quite sure how to get there, Next Level Numbers will guide you!

Knowing how to analyze your numbers can truly make a big impact on your bottom line. In Next Level Numbers, I’ll teach you where to look and how to interpret your data to make smarter day-to-day decisions. You’ll step away with better time management, clearer decision-making, more strategic marketing efforts, and much more.

I’ll be walking you through the exact processes, number-crunching steps, and mapping exercises I’ve used in my own business to grow year after year. Through my unique mapping process, you will not just crunch static numbers or set pie-in-the-sky financial goals. You’ll set a take-home pay goal (based on your specific dreams & needs) and work step-by-step through an eye-opening process for how to build your business to actually – and very specifically – achieve it.

Get ready to work smarter, not harder, with Next Level Numbers.
Learn more about Next Level Numbers >

Automate a well-crafted Pinterest traffic strategy

Pinterest Traffic Blueprint is a quick course showing you how to drive consistent, around-the-clock traffic to your shop by building a set-it-and-forget-it Pinterest strategy.

If you’re not sure how to get the most out of Pinterest for your online shop, PTB walks you through how to create a fine-tuned Pinterest presence that attracts your ideal audience and drives your target customers to your shop site. The best part? You can use tools like Tailwind to schedule & automate your pinning and bring in traffic while you sleep!

Set up a strategic plan this week and spend WAY less time working on your Pinterest year-round. You can utilize that time elsewhere and learn to refresh & review your Pinterest results periodically with this course.

By the end of Pinterest Traffic Blueprint, you’ll have created an evergreen & automated Pinterest strategy to drive consistent traffic to your shop.

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Which course is best for me right now?

Get Legit Toolkit
Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp
Next Level Numbers
I need help with…

The financial foundation of running a biz – sales tax, income tax, bookkeeping, inventory, paying myself, etc.

Any Etsy shop owner who is BEHIND on their books for the year and needs to get them done quickly before the tax deadline.

Working as CFO of my biz, understanding my numbers, knowing what to work on next, figuring out how to create growth, working with more intention and strategy, setting goals & figuring out how to actually reach them

Biz experience New shop owners or experienced sellers who haven’t tackled getting their financial ducks in a row yet Any stage of business 1+ year in business (it helps to have some data under your belt to analyze!)
Sales platform Any online or in-person sales venue/platform Etsy shop owners Any online platform
Products Anyone who sells physical products (course applies to digital products as well, just not the module on inventory!) Any type of product (physical, handmade digital, vintage, etc.) Any type of product (physical or digital) or service
Location US Sellers (USA tax concepts discussed) US Sellers (USA tax concepts discussed) Any location


Asana for Makers
The Pricing Workshop
Pinterest Traffic Blueprint
I need help with…

Managing my time better, getting things done more effectively and efficiently, working diligently towards my goals, juggling all the things & all the ideas in my brain as a solopreneur, and streamlining task/order/client management.

Confidently pricing my physical goods, paying myself what I deserve, figuring out how to make my shop profitable, or attracting buyers at the right price

Driving more traffic from Pinterest, leverage Pinterest as a marketing platform, getting more qualified traffic via an evergreen strategy

Biz experience Any stage of business Any stage of business Any stage of business
Sales platform Any online platform Any online platform Any online platform
Products Any type of product or service Any type of physical product, handmade or otherwise Any type of product (even OOAK!)
Location Any location Any location Any location



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