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In addition to our digital spreadsheet files, Paper + Spark offers various courses to help you get more confident about being CFO of your shop.


A step-by-step guide for makers & creatives for building your shop’s financial foundation with confidence

You’re starting an online shop! Your creative talent and your entrepreneurial spirit is fueling you. Founding a creative business is so exciting! Kudos to you for striking out on your own and beginning this amazing adventure. The hard part’s over! As you set up shop, you spiral down the blackhole of Facebook forums and Google “research” and quickly realize that there’s a lot more to operating an Etsy shop than taking photos, writing item descriptions, and figuring out shipping (though that’s plenty on it’s own!). How does sales tax work? And how much money should I save each month for taxes? I don’t have to worry about reporting this until I make a certain amount in sales, right? What’s an LLC and should I be one? I feel like there’s something important I’m missing, but I’m not sure where to look… Questions about how to get your financial ducks in a row may leave you feeling overwhelmed and anxious faster than you can say “quack”. Why isn’t there just one big checklist out there that tells you what you need to do to get your shop legit so you can do it and then be done with it?

Lucky for you, there’s an easier way. Introducing the Get Legit Toolkit.
I’m ready to get legit! >

Let me help you take your 2018 books from blank to complete in tiny, bite-sized steps! Get everything you need to file your 2018 taxes DONE with the support you need and less stress.

If you procrastinated on your books this past year – it’s okay! You’re not alone, and I can help you get caught up in tiny steps without the overwhelm. As a Certified Public Accountant and a maker myself, I’ve got the perfect solution for you if you’re behind on your bookkeeping – the 2018 Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp, especially for Etsy sellers. It’s the next best thing to having an accountant there with you helping you log your transactions. The Bootcamp is designed specifically to help you catch up on your 2018 finances in the least stressful way possible. I’ve broken down everything you need to do to update your books for the entire year in tiny, itty bitty, doable steps that are actually realistic. The Bootcamp also includes the 2018 Etsy Seller Spreadsheet and a special inventory worksheet designed specifically to help you get the year-end tax numbers you need. Learn more about the Bootcamp here >

How to reach your goals faster and get more done while keeping your sanity
Just a typical day in the life of a handmade seller…

Print postage labels. Check Etsy convos. Post in VIP Facebook group. Forget you ran out of that fabric you need. Scribble that on a piece of paper within arm’s reach. Baby wakes up from nap. Package an order. Search for that receipt from last week. Check your email – can’t remember if they ordered from your Etsy shop or Shopify site. Try to update books but give up after 5 minutes. Need to create a Pinterest graphic for this blog post. Time to pick up kid from carpool…day’s over! ….

Wait a sec – what did I actually just get done for my business?

If you often feel like the hamster on a wheel, constantly working on your business to do’s without actually moving your business forward, you aren’t alone. Most of us spend weeks, months, and even years caught up in the daily grind and hustle of running our creative businesses. But we rarely (if ever!) take time to work ON our businesses – or doing the things we need to do to actually meet our goals, get to that next level, and achieve the great things we’re capable of.

I want to show you an easier way.
I’m ready to reach my goals! >

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Stop procrastinating, hold yourself accountable, and get help with your finances.
Get the VIP treatment with the Accounting Accountability Club, Paper + Spark’s solution to helping you stay on top of your bookkeeping spreadsheets on a consistent monthly basis. 

Annual Membership to the Accounting Accountability Club includes:

  • Monthly reminder emails with printable step-by-step checklists
  • Access to the private Facebook group for maximum accountability
  • Monthly office hours to ask questions and get them answered on the spot

For a full run-down of exactly what you get with the AAC, who it’s a good fit for, and how the annual membership works, click here. The Accounting Accountability Club is designed for our existing spreadsheet users. That means those who have previously purchased a P+S spreadsheet in the past, or are about to purchase one along with this listing. After you purchase, you’ll be sent an email where you can select which spreadsheet(s) you’re using, in order to ensure personalized checklists for your needs. Hold me accountable! >