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The Get Legit Checklist

One of the hardest things about setting up a new online shop is that you don’t know what you don’t know. What steps do you need to take to get legit? Which rules apply to you and which ones do not? Are you supposed to register as business yet?

I get it. If you need help getting your financial ducks in a row, download the simple two-page get legit checklist here. This baby is a step-by-step list of exactly what you need to do to get your financial foundation set up correctly.

The CFO 101 5-day (free) series

Want an easy peasy lemon breezy introduction to the top 5 financial topics you need to know about as a biz owner? Subscribe to my free 5-day email series, CFO 101. Each day you’ll get one super educational email. By the end of the week you’ll feel a lot better about dealing with your shop’s finances.
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Free Video Workshop – When to Worry about Taxes for Your Handmade Shop

The question I get asked most frequently is WHEN it’s time to have to deal with taxes for your handmade business. I’ve created a free 45-minute on demand workshop walking you through this topic. I also review your financial responsibilities as a biz owner. This class is great for new sellers who are ready for confidence and clarity!

The Library (i.e., my blog!)

I’ve got a library full of informative + in plain English guides on financial topics that I see a lot of makers struggle with…things like sales tax, inventory, and much more.

If you’re ready to get educated on the basics, check out our newbie guides here.

Paper + Spark Spreadsheets

Back in 2015, I designed a line of spreadsheets made especially for handmade sellers. These spreadsheets will help you do your books and keep track of sales and expenses each month with confidence.

You can import directly from sources like Etsy, PayPal, Shopify, and more with just a couple of clicks. Each spreadsheet comes with video tutorials so you can see me walk through it step by step and truly understand what you’re doing. A P+S spreadsheet is your first step towards financial clarity!

paper and spark inventory spreadsheetgoal getting guidebook by paper + sparketsy seller spreadsheet by Paper + Spark

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There you go – the best of Paper + Spark in a nutshell. I encourage you to spend an afternoon poking around the site. Read about the topics you have questions about. Download a free checklist or cheat sheet to help you out. Explore the shop and upgrade your bookkeeping skills. Let me know how I can help you!