cyber week crash course series

10 days to get your shop ready for a record - breaking life - changing goal - smashing sell - out world - shattering Cyber Week.

Close out this year with something good - an awesome holiday sales season for your shop.

Join me for the 6th annual Cyber Week series as we get prepared for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and an amazing week of holiday sales.

Each year, the Cyber Week Crash Course has helped hundreds of makers get their shops streamlined, their orders automated, and their products prepped ahead of Cyber Week – without any last-minute frantic hustling!

In past years, this series used to be delivered via a multiple emails over time to your inbox. Now, instead of waiting for the multi-part email series to hit your inbox each week, I’m letting you download one FREE PDF guide of the whole entire series. I’ve got the work spread out over 10 days of prep, but you can really work through it at whatever pace you prefer.

Get ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales as we take it in chunks and batch your tasks to work smarter, not harder!

No more feeling frazzled or scatter-brained – Through a ten-step guide, we will plan and prepare for getting the most out of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday (or really, whatever holiday weeks of marketing you want this year!) in your shop.

If you've had "get ready for Cyber Week" on your to do list, but you're not quite sure the best way to tackle it, the Cyber Week Crash Course is for you! I'll give you the step-by-step plan, you show up and do the work.

Over ten days, we will walk through:

  • Figuring out your promotional plan for Cyber Week & the holidays
  • Predicting needed inventory & supply levels
  • Preparing your shop and your listings to capitalize on the influx of holiday shoppers
  • Streamlining your shop to handle the increased activity without customer service headaches or overwhelm
  • Creating the graphics and marketing collateral you need to promote your sale
  • Scheduling content to market your shop on auto-pilot so you can enjoy your own holidays
  • Creating a proactive plan for building buzz in advance of your sale

Start now and leave plenty of time to enjoy your OWN Thanksgiving vacation.

And yes – it’s all totally FREE!

This year's Cyber Week and holiday sales season is gonna be amazing. calm and orderly. peaceful. relaxing! enjoyable. streamlined. the best thing about this year!

holiday shop prep

This year’s Cyber Week and holiday sales season is slated to break prior year records as more customers shift to making their purchases online.

Major retailers like Target, Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and more have already announced that they’ll be starting holiday deals weeks (and maybe even months) earlier than Black Friday this year – so it’s time for you to plan accordingly!

I want you to get a BIG slice of that pie, my friend!

My goal is that you'll be 100% ready for Cyber Week well before Thanksgiving week rolls around.

By mid-November, just picture having…

  • your marketing & promo plan in place and ready to turn on automagically
  • all your marketing graphics created,
  • all your emails and social media posts scheduled and ready to go,
  • your product listings optimized and organized and holiday ready,
  • your supplies order and ready to ship goods in stock,
  • your workstation organized and prepped to fill & package orders, and
  • your customer service replies typed out and ready to go.

When Thanksgiving and Black Friday roll around, you will have time to focus on your family (and do your OWN holiday shopping), instead of scrambling to get your shop ready or respond to customers.

cyber week crash course
This year it's a PDF download!

Hey there, I’m Janet LeBlanc, the founder of Paper + Spark. I’m an accountant and financial educator, and I’ve specialized in serving makers & artists since 2014.

I’m really passionate about streamlining processes, productivity hacks, and systematizing stuff. We’re all about working smarter, not harder around here (because I know you’re doing a lot more over there than “just” running a business!).

So if your creative right brain needs a little bit of my analytical left brain this holiday season, this is your chance!