Welcome from the Go Digital on Etsy Summit!

January 2024

Make sure to grab your swag from the summit! I’m offering my normally $29 digital product pricing calculator + 60 minute masterclass all about how to price digital products for FREE! 

how to price digital products

What exactly is this quick win workshop on digital product pricing?

This is a 60-minute on-demand video training, plus a downloadable plug & play calculator.

During this on-demand workshop, I will teach you:

💎 The benefits of adding a digital product to your shop, along with a few ideas to get your juices flowing

💎 The hidden costs of creating and selling digital products that you must consider when setting your prices

💎 Three things BEYOND the numbers you must consider when setting your prices for digital items to be profitable

💎 Ways to stay profitable even if you’re selling a low-priced digital product (like printables, stickers, or patterns)

💎 A plug-n-play calculator you can use to explore different pricing options, figure out your breakeven & profit points, and ensure you’re setting yourself up to be profitable ⬇️

how to price digital products


There’s even an additional tab for physical products if you wanna play around with breakeven points for those!

If you’re new here…

I am a CPA, financial educator, AND maker passionate about helping YOU get clear on your financial responsibilities. I know you’re excited about working for yourself and running your creative biz. I also know that sometimes it can feel overwhelming figuring the money side of things out on your own.

That’s exactly why I started Paper + Spark in 2014 – to bring you in-plain-English resources about the biz side of running your biz. Confusion about the financial side of running your shop should NOT be something that holds you back from achieving your entrepreneurial dreams. Agree? Great! Let’s get going! You got this!

Resources to Get Started


If you’re just getting started (or if you’ve been selling for a while but haven’t gotten your financial ducks in a row just yet), start with this free 45-minute workshop answering all your biggest financial questions.

After this workshop, you’ll understand if you’re a hobby or truly a business, and what that means when it comes to your tax responsibilities.


Paper + Spark has lovingly designed bookkeeping templates just for you! All my bookkeeping, inventory, and pricing spreadsheets import directly from sales platforms like Etsy, Shopify, and more. Each spreadsheet comes with step-by-step video instructions so you can SEE how the work is done.

If you’re ready to feel confident about your money, grab your bookkeeping bundle today!