Are you ready to PAY yourself from your shop in 2019?

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Let’s plan for profit in 2019 with the Goal-Getting Guidebook, a unique goal-setting process crafted especially for makers.

Tired of spinning your wheels in your business and not reaping the financial rewards you deserve? Ready to actually pay yourself from your shop’s profits in 2019? Let’s do it!

The way we go about setting business goals needs to change.

It’s not about writing down your dreams in a journal, creating an inspiration board in your office, or choosing a word of intention for the year. Those things are all great – but we need goals that are measurable, motivating, and actionable. We need goals that dictate and truly affect our daily actions.

That’s why I’m all about setting smart financial goals for your business. You need some sort of measuring stick to compare to your goals against and effectively track your progress.

With the Goal-Getting Guidebook, I walk you through a unique process for making strategic and actionable financial goals for your shop.

We begin by figuring out what you need your take-home pay to be as CEO of your handmade biz, and work backwards from there. ALL your goals revolve around building a business that allows you to actually pay yourself for your hard work. Together, we’ll figure out what it takes to achieve that.

What’s included with the Guidebook?

The Guidebook is 120+ pages of goodness, and you can purchase it in one of two formats – a printed soft cover book (from Amazon) or an instantly downloadable digital file (on my site).

Either purchase of the Guidebook also includes an optional spreadsheet companion. Some of us prefer putting pen to paper, and some of us prefer crunching numbers via spreadsheet. For all you spreadsheet fans, use the spreadsheet file to review your 2018 results, set goals for 2019, and have the built-in formulas do the math for you. As always, the spreadsheet comes with a set of video tutorials to help you get going. If you AREN’T a spreadsheet fan, you will get just as much out of the PDF or physical Guidebook by itself!

The best part – we’re going to work through many of the exercises in the Guidebook LIVE TOGETHER in my Facebook group, Goal-Getting Makers. Bounce ideas off other makers, compare profit margins, ask questions, and get motivated to achieve your goals alongside me and our community of goal-getters.

The Goal-Getting Guidebook was created especially for makers and handmade sellers. That means we’re going to walk through goal-setting specific to our industry and cover concepts like product development, seasonal trends, profit margin by product, and more.

Consider this your numbers-based planner to both set goals for your shop AND keep yourself on track throughout 2018. You’ll end up with a complete action plan for the year ahead, all designed around the main goal of being able to pay yourself your goal amount.

The road map you create with the Guidebook will help you move out of “reactive” biz owner mode to “proactive”. You won’t spend your year flying by the seat of your pants, you’ll have a strategy for proceeding with confidence and be ahead of the curve.

Grab your 2019 Goal-Getting Guidebook for Makers, and let’s plan for profit (and paying yourself!) in 2019! 

Buy Soft-cover Book on Amazon for $29     Buy PDF from Paper + Spark for $21