Are you ready to jump start your financial confidence?

The Profit Blueprint from Paper + Spark

Fear of the unknown is often our biggest block when it comes to feeling good about running our shop. It doesn’t have to be that way!

We are just plain scared of things like bookkeeping & taxes because we don’t totally understand them – and I don’t want you to let that fear stand in your way of growing a profitable, successful creative business.

That’s why I’ve compiled my most helpful resources, checklists, and in-plain-English guides from the Paper + Spark library and combined them in a power-packed ebook called The Profit Blueprint.

It’s like a quick & dirty financial 101 guide to getting confident about your biz money.

HERE is the Money 101 guide you missed when you set up shop!

The Profit Blueprint includes 30 pages of content & cheat sheets answering questions I get asked on the daily from e-commerce sellers.

By the end of this guide, you’ll have a clarity on topics like:

  • Whether you’re truly a hobby or a business
  • Whether you really need that business bank account
  • What exactly bookkeeping is and which system is best for you
  • How to organize your paperwork
  • How you’re taxed as a business owner
  • What sort of expenses you can deduct
  • What sales taxes you should be prepared to deal with as an online seller

It’s everything you need summed up conveniently in one place! You can read this book in half an hour and finally feel like you understand your financial responsibilities as a biz owner.

🇺🇸 Please note, this guide is written for sellers located in the USA.

The Profit Blueprint from Paper + Spark

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Once you complete your purchase, this ebook will be available as a PDF download for you to get started on right away. Read the file on your computer, tablet or favorite e-reader device, or print out at your leisure. Refer back to it whenever you need clarity or a quick answer to a tax question.

Financial Foundations Workbook Mockup


Amazing Resource – can’t believe I lived without it! I am starting my second year in business and operated the first year without Paper + Spark spreadsheets… and I don’t know how! They are so simple to use with the AMAZING videos and instructions to go with them. They are exactly what my business needed. At the suggestion of a friend, I ran my taxes both with the spreadsheets and without and not surprisingly I am receiving several hundred dollars more in refund when I use the P+S spreadsheets for my tax numbers. They are so complete and don’t miss a single thing! Thank you for these amazing spreadsheets and I now look forward to the bookkeeping aspect of running my business (which is something I could never say before!)

– Sarah B.


5 stars from a former accountant. The Shopify Seller and Batch Maker Inventory spreadsheets I purchased from P&S for my small hand crafted business are well worth the investment. They are simple to use (especially with all the support materials available) and extremely helpful with year end and tax tasks. You don’t need to be a former accountant to use (or appreciate) them. They are very straightforward to use and Janet provides loads of helpful instructions in the user guides as well if you ever have a question. I also like the one time fee payment structure rather than paying a recurring monthly fee (which can really add up over time).

– Jenn M.


This spreadsheet made sense of crazy a ecommerce world. Before I was PULLING MY HAIR OUT TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO MMY MONTHLY BOOKS BUT ALL THAT HAS CHANGED NOW. The manual that comes with it is excellent and easy to read. I am glad that I bought the Shopify Spreadsheet. Thanks.

– Charnette T.


Best Decision I made!

I am in a group and someone was raving about these spreadsheets. I’m so glad I jumped on the opportunity I’m already feeling more confident in my Financials thanks to these bookkeeping spreadsheets and the explanation videos are sooo helpful!!!

– Holly


The Best!
This helped me tremendously and I don’t think I could have gotten my taxes done with out it. Janet is also so very helpful. She has videos that walk you through step by step what to do and where to find all the info. There is also a facebook group where you can get support and ask questions. 100% would recommend.

– Natalie T.

Get ready to get confident about your financial responsibilities as a shop owner today!

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Janet LeBlanc Founder of Paper + Spark


Hey there! I’m Janet LeBlanc, the founder of Paper + Spark. I’m a Certified Public Accountant who ditched the corporate world back in 2011 to sell handmade jewelry on Etsy (talk about a life pivot there).

My time in the maker community has made me aware of a HUGE need for more financial & business resources for creatives. That’s why I created Paper + Spark back in 2014 – to help more women reach their entrepreneurial dreams. I never want financial confusion or overwhelm to be something that holds you back from going for it!


I’m a maker and shop owner myself (NOT just some accountant who doesn’t get it!) so I understand the unique challenges and situations that e-commerce sellers face.

Since 2014, I’ve helped thousands of makers understand their finances and get legit through my bookkeeping templates, courses, workbooks, and other educational content.

I’m passionate about helping you create financial stability and build a sustainable shop so you can provide financial stability for yourself or your family. Let’s do it!