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Thank you for joining the P+S tribe! Before we dive into creating a profitable holiday season for your shop, i want to share something special with you.

A lot of us currently have goals to make more money in our shops. We look towards November and December to help boost our bottom lines before the end of the year!

To increase sales & profits, many shop owners make the mistake of focusing on increasing traffic, or just trying to make MORE sales. More visitors in your shop is great, of course, but this is a good example of working harder, not smarter, with your time & energy. Figuring out ways to increase your traffic can be challenging, ambiguous, or even pricey (hello, Etsy ads!).


Increasing your average order value (or your AOV) is all about convincing your existing customer how to spend more money in your shop. You’ve already got the customer there ready to purchase – how can you convince them to spend just a little bit more?

My Rocket Fuel Pocket Guide is a quick & dirty workbook featuring 40+ ways to increase your AOV this holiday season. I cover everything from bundles & promotional offers to pricing psychology and cross-selling.

The upcoming holiday season — when you’re already going to see an increase in traffic — is the perfect time to put these ideas into action and increase your profitability!

ways to increase average order value

The rocket fuel pocket guide includes 40+ ideas on how to increase your average order value, plus more valuable insight:

  • How to calculate your current AOV
  • Why you should focus on increasing your AOV if you have a goal to increase your shop’s profits
  • Over 40 actionable ideas to increase your AOV (works if you sell online, Etsy, Shopify, in person, anywhere!)
  • Suggested WordPress plugins and Shopify apps to help you utilize some of the ideas (saving you valuable research time!)
  • Worksheets for taking action
  • Worksheets for calculating new AOV and reviewing your results

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