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Make sure you join the Traffic Camp group and add the trainings to your calendar ⬇️

Below you’ll find all the details about your upgraded experience! I’ve also emailed this info straight to your inbox. 

Your Voxer Access

Voxer is essentially a walkie talkie-like app on your phone. It gives us the ability to send private voice messages to one another (you can also send text messages, attachments, and photos as well). It’s free to use – just search for “Voxer” in your App Store of choice.

Once you download Voxer, just search for my username is janetdleblanc. (You can also find me right here.) If you have any trouble finding me, email me at let me know!

Once you find me on Voxer, send me a quick message saying hey! When Traffic Camp kicks off on September 19, we can Vox throughout the week.

During this time, you can chat with me or ask questions about any topics relevant to Traffic Camp and your business! I can help strategize with you about traffic ideas, implementation of analytics, setting goals, etc.

Training Replays

The live trainings will take place in the private pop-up Facebook community for Traffic Camp. This group will disappear on September 29.

On September 29, you will receive an email with the link to where the training replays & content will live. You will have lifetime access to this content even after the group goes poof!

paper and spark traffic camp

$200 Next Level Numbers credit

Cabin 10 campers will receive a $200 discount code to use towards Next Level Numbers any time between now and the end of 2022. This exclusive code will be emailed to you on September 22 so stay tuned to your inbox!