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Nursery Yarn Wreath

Hazel’s Nursery – a mint, gold, and pink nursery tour

On my old stomping grounds (aka my original blog space, Lazy Owl Boutique), I posted lots of business-y (aka dry) posts about business-y things. However, one of my most popular posts was my "nursery tour" of Hazel's room. I figured I'd spruce up that post (including new photos now that I can sort of use my nice DSLR) for my lovely…

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How To Get A Toddler Ready For Disney

Getting Your 2-Year-Old Ready for Disney World

Speaking of screen time, if you're ok with your toddler watching some TV, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a great way to introduce Mickey and friends. Plus, everyone loves the Hot Dog Dance! You can even stream episodes on Amazon instant video. You can also consider downloading a few Disney apps for your smartphone or tablet. More Ideas Get creative with your attempt…

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Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Essentials for Surviving Baby’s First Year: Sleep Edition

My firstborn is now 16 months old, and I feel like I'm finally just beginning to recover from the challenges of dealing with a newborn and adjusting to becoming a mother. No matter how much you think you're preparing for your baby's can't really truly prepare for baby's arrival that much until they're here. I spent so much time perfecting…

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Recipe Binder – Organizing my Recipes

Today, I wanted to show you what I've done with my personalized Paper + Spark recipe binder and printables. I love pinning recipes on Pinterest. I'm a totally uninspired chef with no natural talent, so I can only cook with a recipe at hand (and even then, it doesn't always turn out well!). When I'm ready to try something I've…

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Life Lessons Learned from a Toddler

As I've mentioned 304 times previously, I'm a stay-at-home (let's be generous and call me a work-at-home) mom. Thus, I spend a whole lotta time with my little one. Without further ado, here are 5 life lessons I've learned from my little one. She's schooled me good. 1.  Live in the moment. This is by far the biggest difference between…

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Gift Ideas For Toddlers That Aren't Toys, At

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Our daughter is only 14 months old and we already have SO many toys in our house. I cannot comprehend how we will contain the madness as she gets older and accumulates more toys, nor can I imagine what the situation will be like with more kiddos (eventually, don't get excited). We love all the toys that we are blessed…

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Travel Gift Basket Ideas

Travel Gift Basket – budget-friendly gift ideas for the traveler

The holidays are fast approaching, and we've got a great idea for a unique travel gift basket for the traveler on your gift list this year. Our travel gift basket is also a great "bon voyage" present anytime of year. This creatively-themed gift basket is great for a college-student (they all have wanderlust right?) or a friend who you know…

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Book Reviews By Paper And Spark

Introducing Paper & Ink: Notes from my Library

I lurrrrrve to read. Like a lot. I always have and I'm sure I always will. Amazingly enough, my time to read has somehow been one of the only things that has not been affected by having a new baby at home. I must be getting less sleep or something, because I'm still able to read several books a month.…

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Hazel’s 1st Birthday – A Puppy Party!

Our baby girl Hazel turned the big oh-one (or last month. We were going to be back in our hometown around her birthday, so we decided to throw her a small informal party with family while we were there. Call me lazy or call me smart (depends on how you feel about kid parties I guess!), but I did…

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Bachelorette Party Ideas

P+S DIY – bachelorette party decorations

Obviously, I love paper, that's why I'm launching paper + spark. Last year for Christmas, my dear husband gifted me with a Silhouette Cameo (awesome Black Friday deal yall!). Paper! Vinyl! Fabric! Adhesives! Oh the possibilities! Sadly, in the exciting life of a stay-at-home-mom, I haven't had many excuses (or time, or energy) to use it, but I was able…

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