Intro To Sales Taxes For Creative Biz Owners - By Paper + Spark

Sales Taxes: An Intro for Your Creative Business

In our last Creative Accounting post, we discussed income taxes and how they relate to your creative biz. Today, let's talk about that other tax biggie - sales taxes. Getting sales tax set up for your shop is one of the first "must dos" of setting up your biz. For a free step-by-step checklist on what you should be doing…

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Intro To Income Taxes For Creative Biz Owners - By Paper + Spark

Income Taxes: An Intro for your Creative Business or Blog

As a creative business owner, it can be so hard to know all the different financial requirements and responsibilities that apply to you (that's why I've got a free step-by-step checklist right here!). You might hear a lot about your "tax" requirements and get the two confused, but income taxes and sales taxes are two very different animals. Today, let's talk about income taxes.…

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Nursery Yarn Wreath

Hazel’s Nursery – a mint, gold, and pink nursery tour

On my old stomping grounds (aka my original blog space, Lazy Owl Boutique), I posted lots of business-y (aka dry) posts about business-y things. However, one of my most popular posts was my "nursery tour" of Hazel's room. I figured I'd spruce up that post (including new photos now that I can sort of use my nice DSLR) for my lovely…

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How To Get A Toddler Ready For Disney

Getting Your 2-Year-Old Ready for Disney World

Speaking of screen time, if you're ok with your toddler watching some TV, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is a great way to introduce Mickey and friends. Plus, everyone loves the Hot Dog Dance! You can even stream episodes on Amazon instant video. You can also consider downloading a few Disney apps for your smartphone or tablet. More Ideas Get creative with your attempt…

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Getting Your Baby To Sleep

Essentials for Surviving Baby’s First Year: Sleep Edition

My firstborn is now 16 months old, and I feel like I'm finally just beginning to recover from the challenges of dealing with a newborn and adjusting to becoming a mother. No matter how much you think you're preparing for your baby's can't really truly prepare for baby's arrival that much until they're here. I spent so much time perfecting…

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Overhead Expenses

Accounting for Overhead Expenses in Your Prices

On my last Creative Accounting post, I talked about all those pesky hidden expenses (called "overhead expenses") that your small biz encounters. I concluded that discussion by saying that it's important to recover a little piece of your overhead expenses every time you sell a product or service, so you should be including these expenses in your pricing formula. Today,…

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Recipe Binder – Organizing my Recipes

Today, I wanted to show you what I've done with my personalized Paper + Spark recipe binder and printables. I love pinning recipes on Pinterest. I'm a totally uninspired chef with no natural talent, so I can only cook with a recipe at hand (and even then, it doesn't always turn out well!). When I'm ready to try something I've…

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Life Lessons Learned from a Toddler

As I've mentioned 304 times previously, I'm a stay-at-home (let's be generous and call me a work-at-home) mom. Thus, I spend a whole lotta time with my little one. Without further ado, here are 5 life lessons I've learned from my little one. She's schooled me good. 1.  Live in the moment. This is by far the biggest difference between…

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Gift Ideas For Toddlers That Aren't Toys, At

Non-Toy Gift Ideas for Toddlers

Our daughter is only 14 months old and we already have SO many toys in our house. I cannot comprehend how we will contain the madness as she gets older and accumulates more toys, nor can I imagine what the situation will be like with more kiddos (eventually, don't get excited). We love all the toys that we are blessed…

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