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Top 5 Financial Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make And How To Avoid Them

Five Financial Mistakes Etsy Sellers Make

Hola friend! I've been helping Etsy sellers and creative entrepreneurs get their finances in gear since 2015. So I've been around the block a few times. Today, I'd like to briefly walk through the top five financial mistakes I see Etsy shop owners making. Before I dive in, let me say there's no shame in setting up your shop without…

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Order Fulfillment

How to Automate & Streamline your Order Fulfillment

One of the challenges of selling handmade goods online is juggling your orders. Keeping customization requests organized, making sure items get created, packaged and shipped on time, and handling incoming orders from multiple online storefronts can get real confusing, real fast! How to Automate & Streamline Order Fulfillment for your Shop That's why today I'm excited to share a quick…

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Using Asana

Using Asana to Automate Your Bookkeeping

If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that I love this little productivity tool called ASANA. It's actually a pretty powerful tool and it's totally, completely FREE. Today I wanted to combine my love of Asana and bookkeeping and share an awesome trick with you - how you can use Asana to streamline and schedule your bookkeeping…

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Year End Inventory

Year End Inventory Workshop

Right around the end of the year, you may start hearing a lot about counting your inventory. Today I’m hosting an Inventory Crash Course Workshop, which is my fancy way of saying I filmed a video answering the big questions I see about year-end inventory. This is my attempt to explain inventory, cost of goods sold, and the dreaded year end count in…

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How To Catch Up On Your Bookkeeping

How to Catch Up on Your Bookkeeping – for Etsy Sellers

Note: This post (along with the free planning playbook ) has been updated for 2017! If you are feeling really behind and overwhelmed, make sure you get on the early bird list for the 2017 Bite-Sized Bookkeeping Bootcamp right here. It will be open to enrollment in mid-November and those on the wait list will get access to an exclusive…

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Handmade Pricing

Six reasons you probably need to raise your prices ASAP

Today's post comes to you from my friend and fellow creative Danielle Spurge from Merriweather Council. Danielle is a maker maven known for helping turn others' crafty tendencies into profits. Today Danielle shares a bit of tough love with us when it comes to pricing for profit. Visit the Merriweather Council here. People ask me a lot, “How do I make…

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Quarterly Check-Up for Your Biz

It's the end of another quarter! Where the heck is the time going?! The end of a quarter (or the beginning of a fresh, new one) is a great time to catch up on mundane tasks that you've been putting off (bookkeeping, anyone?), check in on your progress towards your goals, and set new goals for the next quarter. In fact,…

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Whatify For Etsy Sellers

Using Whatify to Stand Out in Etsy Search Results

It's becoming more and more challenging to stand out in the Etsy marketplace. Etsy shoppers are inundated with results when they search for an item. Like pages and pages...and pages. How can you make sure your handmade good stands out in the sea of search results? It's all about drawing in that potential customer with your product's lead photo - peaking…

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Pricing Handmade Goods – Re-examining Your Price Formula

So you try your hand at one of those suggested pricing formulas for your handmade goods, and the resulting price seems crazy high. Nobody's going to buy your product for that price! What's a handmade seller to do? This post is a continuation of our series on pricing handmade goods for Etsy shop owners and other creative entrepreneurs. Visit all…

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