In late May 2022, GoDaddy announced that their popular bookkeeping software (which they acquired from Outright about a decade ago) would be discontinued from service on June 23, 2022.

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GoDaddy (formerly Outright) had always been a popular alternative to QuickBooks, especially in the e-commerce and maker community. It was often more economical and considered less complicated than QB. This announcement left many creative business owners scrambling to find a replacement with less than 30 days to make the switch.

Obviously I’m biased, but Paper + Spark spreadsheets are a great alternative for many GoDaddy users & makers. P+S spreadsheets are a one-time fee, designed especially for e-commerce sellers & artists, come with step-by-step video & written instructions, and offer lifetime support.

Spreadsheets can require more manual work than software, but P+S spreadsheets have built-in formulas that allow you to import in your e-commerce CSVs each month and automate part of the process. Plus, you have more control over your numbers and keep a better eye on your finances when you’re doing some of the entry work!

Here’s what recent converts have had to say about the process of moving from GoDaddy bookkeeping to Paper + Spark:

paper and spark bookkeeping

paper and spark bookkeeping

paper and spark reviews

paper and spark reviews

Getting started with a new system any time can be a challenge – add that it’s the middle of the year to the mix and things can be even more overwhelming!

In this video, I will explain a bit what to expect with a new Paper + Spark Seller Spreadsheet, and show you how to download a CSV from GoDaddy that will allow you to quickly copy & paste your year-to-date expenses into your P+S spreadsheet. The goal is to give you a head start and make the transition process as painless as possible!

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If you’re interested in purchasing a Paper + Spark spreadsheet, you can find our shop here.

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