One of the challenges of selling handmade goods online is juggling your orders. Keeping customization requests organized, making sure items get created, packaged and shipped on time, and handling incoming orders from multiple online storefronts can get real confusing, real fast!

automate your orders

How to Automate & Streamline Order Fulfillment for your Shop

That’s why today I’m excited to share a quick & easy tutorial for how to build an automated and streamlined to do list of your incoming orders, all using a few of my favorite (and totally free) tools, Asana and Zapier.

I show you how to connect these apps to your storefront and automatically transfer orders to a board in Asana. You can even automatically have a deadline or turnaround time assigned to each order. Every time you make a new sale, the details pop over to your Asana project board and you can visually get a feel for what needs to be done and when it needs to be done by. You can keep orders from multiple storefronts organized in one place if you’d like. This is also a great alternative for a contractor, VA, or assistant who helps you fill orders but who can’t log into your Etsy shop.

Since it’s always easier to see these sorts of tutorials in action, I’ve created a quick video of the steps to create your automated order fulfillment board. Check it out below!